Materials and how to wear cosplay contacts
Are you going to buy contacts for your daily life or for cosplay costume? How much do you know about cosmetic contacts? Do you really know who the different materials of the contacts are suitable for? Are you wearing or removing your contacts in the correct way? The following are the conclusions I've drawn from Internet data and personal experience. I hope this is helpful.

 Materials of contacts
There are three main types of contacts on the market today: regular contacts, non-ionic contacts, and silicone hydrogel contacts. Let me introduce the advantages and disadvantages of each and my personal opinion on them.

Common Materials (Hydrogel)  Nonionic Materials Silicone Hydrogel Materials
Advantages Soft and comfortable; low price, easier to buy Light and soft; less prone to protein deposits, longer lens life High moisture retention, improved oxygen permeability
Disadvantages Low water content, poor sedimentation resistance, limited oxygen permeability Insufficient  Moisture retention, insufficient oxygen permeability Lens relatively hard
Conclusion Suitable for healthy eyes; Good price/performance ratio Suitable for sensitive eyes and those who prefer a lens-free feel; High comfort Suitable for eyes that tend to be dry.
Once we understand the different materials, we should choose a color contact according to our eye condition and how often we wear them. If you wear them regularly, you can choose a silicone hydrogel; if you don't wear them often and want comfort, you can consider non-ionic ones.

 Ways to wear lenses.
a) Soak the lens thoroughly in saline.

b) Place the lens on your right index finger or pupil stick, hold the lower eyelid down with your middle finger, and use the index finger of your other hand to pull the eyelid open to expose the eyeball.

c) In front of the mirror, gently place the lens on the eyeball, slowly release the finger to gently release the eyelid, close the eye and rotate the eyeball or rub it with your hand, the lens will automatically move to the center of the eyeball, wear the other lens in the same way.

 How to remove the lens.
a) Look through the mirror and confirm the exact position of the lens.
b) Open the upper eyelid upward with the fingers of the left hand and the lower eyelid downward with the middle finger of the right hand, then gently grasp the lower part of the lens with the thumb and index finger of the right hand and remove it.

Beauty is natural, and cosmetic contacts are not only convenient for those who don't like frames, but are also popular with cosplayers, who buy contacts that match the color of their characters' eyes in order to recreate them. Usually some cosplayers choose to buy their contacts on Crazecosplay, so if you want to pick up a pair of contacts for cosplay, go to Crazecosplay and you'll find what you need.

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