SEO Strategic Link Analysis

The SEO Strategic Link Analysis defines the parameters for an optimal Link Campaign by studying the link structure of top ranked competitors. An optimal link structure will dramatically enhance search engine rankings spider-based search engines.

In the beginning, search engines relied solely on the text of a web site to determine its rank. However, today's second and third generation search engines, like AltaVista and Google, rely on other factors in addition to the text of a web page. One of the most important off-page factors is the link structure of a website.

External, Inbound Links

External links are those website links that reside on other websites, they can help with how to get advertisers on your app. The term "Inbound" refer to a link's direction: pointing to a page on your website; typically the home page. Sometimes, these links are called "backward links".

From a spider-based search engine's point of view, each quality link to a website is interpreted as a vote of confidence in that website -- the more votes, the higher the ranking. But links are not all created equal.

The concept is simple. Affiliate and graphic links are for sales and marketing. These links can be "bought" so the search engines don't value them. But a text link required a Webmaster to inspect the target site and then post a link. It is visible to everyone. The implication is that the Webmaster has validated the authenticity and theme of the target website through the link. When the link text (anchor text), body or title includes the keywords, the link has a higher value and complements proper page optimization.


The Evaluation Process

The process begins with an accurate measurement of a website's existing link popularity and quality and compares it to highly ranked websites for targeted keywords.

Each keyword is entered into a search engine. The resulting top websites are cataloged. Then a specialized tool measures the link structure (popularity and quality) of each competing website for each keyword. This analysis yields a quantified measure of how many quality links are required to successfully compete for top ranking for each keyword.

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