Top fire equipment's for different fire classes

The fire can be anywhere and it can come in to the different types because the fire something which gets from the electrical appliances or from flammable liquid such as petrol and both of them could easily get in to the fire, then it's our responsibility to keep our environment save form the fire accidents, so what you need to have is that you should have some knowledge about the safety procedure from the fire accidents and it will not help you to keep yourself safe but also the environment because the fire is the name of the destruction and when it gets into its final shape then it would be more difficult for us to save our lives from fire, so it's always better to stop it before, it gets into the destructive shape and different agencies are providing the fire extinguisher servicing to have quick control over the fire accident and you can also call it as the life safety equipment.
Life safety equipment
The fire equipment is called the life safety equipment which is design to save the people lives from the fire accident and in that sense it's the life safety equipment and these fire equipment have great influence in our lives because these equipment become as a part of our lives and we should never deny the importance of having these equipment's to save our lives from the fire accidents.
Fire classes
Fire can be in many classes and each type of fire need some sort of equipment to handle and you should know that which fire equipment can be the best suit for which type of fire and there are some fire equipment, you know about them.
  • Class A fire include all those material which can easily get in to the fire such as wood, paper and textile because this material is easily flammable and need a spark of fire to get in to the fire and for this type of fire the fire extinguisher is more suitable because it will stop the fire quickly and you should know that which type of fire extinguisher is suitable for it because there are many types of fire extinguisher such as water, liquid, and AFFF foam.
  • Class B fire include all the liquid flammable material such petrol, diesel and gasses, and this material will not get into the control easily because these material are highly flammable and the need of the fire extinguisher serving is almost in every place, who deal with this type of liquids.
  • Class C fire include the fire from the electrical appliances and you need to have the knowledge that how you can stop the electrical fire and you cannot use the water extinguisher on them  because the water passes through the electricity and could harm you, so you have to use the fire extinguisher which is design for the electrical fire.
  • Class D fire includes the metal material and for this type of fire, you need to inform the fire department to control it and try to not go towards it.

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