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Rhinoplasty is surgery that corrects the aesthetic or functional defects of the nose. Aesthetic rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the beauty of the face by correcting excesses or defects in the shape of the nose. It is a low-risk operation, quick recovery and the most practiced in cosmetic surgery. The nose is a very complex organ; the visible part is only a tiny part. Of the visible promontory, only the upper third, which we call "the bridge", is made up of bone. The lower two thirds and the central septum are a special type of connective tissue (cartilage) that lacks blood vessels. However, it is important for the respiratory function the correct disposition of all its structures.
To this skeleton, we must add the soft parts, skin, glands, muscles, and mucosa that cover it, on the outside and inside, respectively. Opt for Rhinoplasty Thailand! The reasons for undergoing nose surgery are as varied as the patients themselves, but all fit into three large groups: correction of septa diverted by trauma, relief of breathing difficulties and, logically, improvement of appearance and self-esteem.
The nose occupies the center of the triangle of beauty, formed by the cheekbones and the chin, with rhinoplasty the balance of all facial features is achieved by improving the appearance and sweetening the face. Are you looking for Nose job Thailand? For some people, the aesthetic retouching of the nose may seem like a simple matter of pure vanity and superficiality. For others, meanwhile, it means the definitive release of a congenital trait that has been shaming them for years.
Liposuction and liposuction are the ideal techniques to eliminate excess body fat and reshape the figure quickly, safely and with permanent results. These techniques are applied to different areas of the body. The most common are: abdomen; flanks, thighs, hips, knees, arms ... and is performed both in women, as in men. Thanks to Liposuction in Thailand where reduction of volume by decreasing the number of fat cells is done! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after the intervention, the results will be permanent.
The main objectives are:
  • Modeling of the forms: Going from having a square hip to a more rounded one getting the more optical length of the leg.
  • Loss of volume: The diameters can be reduced enough, thigh, waist, loss of love handles, thanks to the liposuction of accumulations of fat.
  • Weight loss: The elimination of fat will translate into a weight loss.

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