MyHep (Generic Sovaldi [Sofosbuvir 400mg]) Tablet Mylan Price India

As you know, Hepatitis C is a terrible and unpredictable disease, which was difficult to fight. But thanks to the development of medicine and latest technologies, scientists have created highly effective medicines every year that can now fight this disease. To help patients affected by the virus, a wide range of innovative medical products available in the market called Generic Sofosbuvir, Indicated for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus.
Treatment Of Hepatitis C With Generics Sofosbuvir Medications

Sofosbuvir is type of DAA called a nucleotide polymerase inhibitor. It interferes with the reproduction of the virus’ genetic material, stopping the production of new Hep C virus. The effective generic medicine manufacturer is Mylan Laboratories Ltd - INDIA under the brand name MyHep Tablets.

The emergence of DAAs has given new hope to the 80-110 million people suffering from chronic hepatitis C, a disease that attacks the liver and kills approximately 700 000 people each year. The medicines have an average 90% treat rate; have fewer side effects than previously available treatment.

Treatment with generics can be prescribed only by a doctor. The basis for treatment should be the results of all outpatient tests, examinations of doctors, to exclude possible contraindications. The medicine cannot be started independently, without the advice of a doctor. An organism can be harmed, not well. A treatment regimen is selected for each individual patient.


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