Velpanat Tablets Price In Russia : Natco Velpatasvir & Sofosbuvi Powerful Medication for HCV Patients

Modern doctors are looking for new ways to help patients with hepatitis C. The virus is transmitted through blood, mucous or damaged skin. It cannot always be diagnosed at the initial stage, since hepatitis C can be masked for other diseases. During the course of the disease, there is a risk of developing cirrhosis, cancer.

There are many medications to prevent the disease, but these medications are not affordable for many patients or customer. Therefore doctors prescribe cost effective medicine : Velpanat, because it’s easily accessible, affordable and effective. It mainly is recommended to people suffering from hepatitis genotype.

Indian company Natco Pharma produces a generic "Epclusa" under the brand name Velpanat. The medicine is produced in tablets that contain the main substance - Sofosbuvir (400 mg) and Velpatasvir (100 mg)


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