The Best Locations For Health And Wellness In Barangaroo

Sydney’s new and improved harbour foreshore playground has had a lot of buzz since it opened. The reinvented waterfront precinct has everything you might need from charming cafes, high-end restaurants, shops, gyms and cultural events. Check out the best locations for all things health and wellness-related in Barangaroo.
Virgin Active
Virgin Active’s Collection Club gym at Barangaroo is unlike any other gym you would’ve been to before. Opening at the end of March this year, working out at this fitness club is a truly five-star experience. Not only does the gym have state-of-the-art equipment including high-tech stationary bikes, weights and machines, but there are four types of classes available. These include the Revolution Cycle class, Focus Boxing class, Outdoor Calibration (a unique combination of biomechanics, athletics, core stability drills, running and yoga), and Burn class focusing on strength and conditioning. The club also features luxurious amenities including cycle shoes in your size, workout and bath towels, GHD straighteners and Dyson hair dryers in the bathrooms, phone chargers in the lockers and complimentary smoothies and green juices to have post-workout. Best of all? As a member, you get access to a complimentary Prosecco and free blow-dry treatment every Thursday and Friday. That is definitely good for your health and wellness.
Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia
Regarded as one of Sydney’s leaders in non-invasive cosmetic injections, this clinic deals with a range of concerns you might be seeking to treat, ranging from skin improvement, acne treatment, body sculpting, addressing hair loss and skin repair. The skin rejuvenation and repair treatments the clinic offer guarantee results and can help with all manner of skin types and issues. If you are concerned about the impact of certain treatments or if you’re unsure about what treatment you should be going for then you can have an obligation-free complimentary, informative and private consultation prior to proceeding with a treatment. Treating our major skin, hair and body concerns can make a big impact on the way we look and feel in our day-to-day lives and this can affect our mental health. Addressing concerns that affect self-esteem can help to improve our self-confidence.
Bend & Mend
Bend & Mend is a physiotherapy practice with three clinic locations in the CBD, one of which is in Barangaroo. At Bend & Mend, as the name might suggest, the physiotherapists use both hands-on treatment and exercise therapy as a way of treating injuries, whether it be complex spinal injuries, pulled muscles, ankle sprains or lower back pain. Part of this exercise therapy includes physio-led Pilates using reformer beds, trapeze and other equipment to ensure you get a great workout with injuring yourself. The studio also specialises in pregnancy and post-natal Pilates so you can work out safely while pregnant and work on rebuilding your pelvic floor once the baby is born. Pilates is a great way of staying fit and healthy as it stretches and strengthens your body, improving your muscle elasticity as well as your joint mobility. This combination of strength and flexibility makes it the perfect exercise for those recovering from injuries or are unable to take on more cardio-based workouts.
The Day Spa By Chuan
Sometimes the best thing for our health, in terms of destressing and making our bodies feel rejuvenated, is a day at the spa. While it is a big indulgence, self-care is an important part of looking after our health! The Day Spa By Chaun at the Langham Hotel is one of the more decadent and luxurious spa experiences you might have. The serene underground sanctuary features a swimming pool and offers a range of spa services such as facials, massages, salt scrubs, exfoliations and deluxe manicures and pedicures as well as pregnancy and bridal pampering sessions. Afterwards, enjoy a drink at the hotel and a view over Barangaroo and the harbour.
My Health Medical Centre
For any health and medical concerns, Myhealth Barangaroo Medical Centre provides service on both an appointment and walk-in basis. Services available include GP medical services, pathology, dieticians, psychological counselling, podiatry and nursing care. As the largest operator of medical centres in Australia, the mission at Myhealth is to provide accessible and affordable health services that are high quality to the whole of the community. Bulk-billing is available by appointment.
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