Natdac Daclatasvir Price In Russia : One Of The Most Effective Methods For Treating Hepatitis C


For Russia, hepatitis C remains an acute problem - medicines for its treatment are expensive, and the number of carriers of the virus is constantly growing. The ailment caused by HCV is usually called a "gentle killer" - it can be masked for other diseases and detected, becoming an acute form. The spread of hepatitis C in Russia is caused by the lack of effective measures to prevent the epidemic, as well as the high cost of medicines to treat this dangerous disease.

Most of the citizens of Russia who have fallen ill with hepatitis C do not even know about the diagnosis, because it is very difficult to identify an ailment at an early stage. HCV significantly worsens the quality of life of its carrier - the disease can be accompanied by constant fatigue, tingling in the right upper quadrant, a violation of the digestive tract.

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