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It is absolutely natural that, in the face of a tumultuous controversy, just as the erotic is aroused in all parts of the world, a series of questions should be asked about the opportunity, the profitability or the "normality" of the decision he has made or is going to make, regarding the idea of becoming a male escort. Unfortunately, many of the answers you may be looking for, even in the text you are reading now, will never be found in any article, much less in this one and, in fact, nowhere else outside of your consciousness.
No one can answer your inner confusions better and more clearly than your personal experience, the conception of life that you gained up to your present age, or the vocation that you feel, to do something that you believe is right for you.
The only thing we try to do with these lines is to suggest possible ways at the end of which you will be the one to decide if it is okay or not, if you continue or, on the contrary, you will have to stop.
So... here are some questions and answers, potential benchmarks related to the decision to act in this industry:
Is it a profitable profession? No one chooses to do anything without a certain interest. Whether this interest is called pleasure, passion, or profit, people's choices clearly have a spring in their step. This probably happened even with your decision to become a male escort in Kiev.
Either you have heard it somewhere, or you have seen it from someone, or you have simply felt that your sexuality and intimate desires allow or encourage you to participate in this profession; in all three cases, without a doubt, somewhere in the essence of this motivation, it was (directly or indirectly), in some way, also about money.
Because, no matter how much you are attracted by the sensuality of the opposite sex, no doubt you also imagined different situations... that do not refer to the idea of beautiful and exciting.
But, if you quickly jumped on these less seductive mental flashes, it is evident that you have been thinking also about... money! Because YES, indeed, in this profession one earns enough to pass with relative ease from the moments that would normally cause tremors of displeasure to any other man.
Unfortunately, the profession of male escort can be practiced and has a high return until the age of 40 to 45, this interval depending largely also on how you manage to "keep" yourself physically. Therefore, as long as you have a high financial return, it would be wise to manage your income with great discipline. If you don't know how to invest in other businesses, you should at least save for the rest of your life, when you will probably be able to work, but not as successfully (especially financially).

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